Research and innovation by early-career faculty will get a significant boost thanks to a $20-million bequest from the estate of alumnus 欧文爱德华·哈特 at the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering.

发表于 2016年12月8日

从HART信任收入将资助珀西爱德华HART和欧文爱德华哈特教授职位。 7名教职工,每头10年的学术生涯中,将获得每年$ 75,000三年的研究和研究生的支持。收件人已经证明的卓越研究和示范研究生导师的高水平。


“鹿教授职位是当有远见的慷慨满足有远见的领导才能可以做出影响一个突出的例子,说:”多伦多总裁梅里克·格特勒大学。 “先生。哈特的传统礼物将加强在其职业生涯的一个关键阶段承诺研究人员的工作“。

该教授职位将培养下一代工程研究的领导者和教育工作者,并加强 Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering的是世界上最伟大的工程学院之一的地位。

“Investments in early-career faculty will accelerate research and innovation,” adds Dean Cristina Amon of Applied Science & Engineering. “This gift will support generations of professors and deepen our Faculty’s culture of research and teaching excellence. It will also strengthen the Faculty’s ability to recruit top early-career educators and researchers from around the world. 我们的 students will benefit by working with faculty members who are committed to mentoring the next generation of innovators.”


通过Andrea米绘制。 listro

通过Andrea米绘制。 listro

欧文爱德华·哈特是农业设备制造商梅西 - 弗格森的老员工有限公司,并担任该公司的首席焊接工程师。在教授职位在哈特和他已故的父亲,珀西爱德华哈特的名字命名。

该 terms of the Hart Trust have enabled the faculty’s leaders to carry out Hart’s intentions in a way that supports the faculty’s strategic priorities and addresses its evolving needs. Flexible gifts are one of the most effective ways to make a lasting impact and help the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering further its vision: to prepare the next generation of global engineering leaders and advance solutions to critical world challenges through experiential learning, cross-disciplinary collaboration and ground-breaking innovations that push boundaries and improve people’s lives.

哈特教授的第一批开始2016年9月。 了解这些年轻的科学家和他们的研究耐人寻味.